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We leverage your existing content to create an ongoing game environment that makes your content more relevant to users and more valuable to you.

In a Nutshell

Invest, News Breaks, Sell for Profit.

We believe content should be more fun

“It’s like Hollywood or any news category made a baby with fantasy football.”

Applicable Genres

Celebrity News

Broad (All Hollywood / Pop Culture)

Broad Celebrity News, All Hollywood.

Narrow (Specific TV, Movie, etc.)

Narrow Celebrity News, Specific TV Shows.

Sports News

Broad (Team Level)

Broad Sports News, Team Level.

Narrow (Athletes)

Narrow Sports News, Specific Athletes.

Other Possibilities

Political News

Political News.


Music News, Travel News, Corporate News, Gadget News, Executive News, Startup News, Funding News, Video Game News, And More…

All played via browsers, tablets, mobile, etc.